Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi,  engari he toa takitini 
My success is not mine alone, it is the success of the collective
As a young wahine living and creating in Aotearoa I feel blessed to be apart of a creative community that has such a strong sense tautoko (support) and aroha (love) for one another. I truely believe that it is this collectiveness that drives the success of young creatives while paving the way for generations of like minded individuals to come. As I come across the work of different creatives everyday I am constantly in awe of the hard work and creativity that manifests such beautiful creations. 

This catalogue hopes to serve as a directory of creatives, living and practicig within Aotearoa. Some are friends, some are whānau, some I have collaborated with in the past, some I have never met, but hope to one day and all inspire me in different ways. As I discover new artists, designers, musicians, creators etc. practicing within the creative circles of Aotearoa I hope this catalogue will grow and become a space that allows the tautoko (support) and aroha (love) for local creatives to grow. 
As you browse this catalogue I encourage you to think, how can I support local creatives I love ? ( and don't limit this to only those mentioned here !! )

Buying from small / local creative businesses is a great way to show your support but we understand that is not always possible for everyone, and at the end of the day money comes and goes but aroha will always be remembered. Here are a few things you can do to show your support  for a small / local creative business that cost nothing but a little aroha <3





SLEEPING PROFIT is a slow fashion project that hopes to invoke a sense of playfulness and fantasy. Inspiration is drawn from nostalgia as everything is designed with the hope that it pleases my inner child and my grandmama. I hope that by making things that spark joy in the past, present and future, I can create fun and timeless pieces that go against trend based fashion. Forever inspired by Stardoll, Star Wars and Sailor Moon. All garments are made in Ōtepoti, Aotearoa by Siara Chicane Luminara Marx, Arohanui <3

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is songwriter/producer from Ōtepoti. They first made an impact on the scene for their work with Repulsive Woman's album ‘Relief’ (winner of the Auckland Live Best Independent Debut at the 2020 Taite Music Prize awards), and as the vocalist for Ōtepoti’s post-punk sweethearts, Milpool. Now venturing solo, the release of their debut album 'How Does This Sound?' (2021) has become an earworm, with three singles featuring in the Student Radio and NZ Music Charts. Gritty yet ethereal, gloomy yet bright — it's southern Aotearoa chamber pop that will keep you curious. 
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By Micky Little

Barefoot Blooms is a slow fashion label based in Ohikaparuparu (Sumner), Aotearoa. It pays homage to sunny days spent barefoot connecting with nature, friends and the salt water. All pieces are lovingly designed, pattern made and sewn as a one of one garment from vintage, upcycled and destocked materials. We value reusing and repurposing materials, to give them a new meaning of life aiming to minimise our footprint. It is our collective responsibility to recreate balance with the earth, to live slow and to live barefoot.

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Based in Wellington, Zoe Hannay is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, working with a range of clients throughout New Zealand. She is the resident designer for MEANWHILE Gallery and Third Party events. With collaborator Hugo Rikard-Bell, Zoe runs a branding studio called Atrium.
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Frazier is the slow-fashion project of artist Briana Cleverley based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara centring the principles of sustainability, locality and the adaptive fit within its production and design. Frazier is named after my dear poppa with the ethos to be present and share moments with loved ones. Just like these shared experiences, my garments are designed to fit a range of sizes and flatter different bodies. They are to be worn, shared and played in.

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Mia Vinaccia

Mia Vinaccia is a studio-based photographer and creative director, based in Wellington, NZ. Her editorial inspired photographic practice explores stereotypical narratives that walk the line between fiction and reality. She upturns traditional methods of fashion photography and uses her perspective to disrupt the classic western picture. While she continues to expand her visual vocabulary, she aims for her photography to convey not the truth of who we are, nor the fantasy of what we’d like to be, but a funky alternate reality where everything’s a little scarier, a little sexier, a little more vivid, and certainly a little more dramatic.

View Mias work online here <3


By Zena Burgess

Zen Blu is unique, luxurious, unisex jewellery with a focus on sustainability, designed to make expressing yourself and your aura easy through means of colour palates and styles that resonate with YOU. Each piece is unique and limited, due to being made of entirely second hand beads and newly created patterns. Much time, love and thought goes into each piece, and I hope that everyone who ever wears Zen Blu feels the love energy that's been crafted into it. All Zen Blu jewellery is made using ethical materials such as lab grown gemstones, recycled sterling silver, recycled non-toxic britannia, recycled thrifted beads and sustainably grown freshwater Australasian and/or thrifted freshwater pearls.

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makes chunky, one off colourful knits out of found and repurposed fabrics and bedsheets. These are usually acquired from hunting in opshops, working collaboratively with other creatives to use their waste fabrics or found in the dead stock bin at the fabric shop.  

These fabrics are ripped apart to create her own yarns which she hand knits into new individual pieces. Her practice is slow, conscious and each piece is made with love. 

Only the process of how we make clothing needs to be serious ; the garments themselves don’t need to be.

See Geo's gorgeous creations here <3

Antonia Craig 

 is an Ōtepoti based artist whose practice largely revolves around surrealism and dreamscapes. Using states of subconscious connection such as; dreams, automatic writing and drawing, to create haunting images that hope to transcend viewers from the conscious world. Primarily a painter, Antonia Craig is drawn not just to canvas but to experimentation with found and recycled materials. From wooden planks to broken glass, picture frames and bedsheets, she lifts the practice of painting from a focus on the image to the relationship between image, material, and space. 

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Established mid 2021 in Ōtepoti , studentcollective is a space for designers to come together. A project between 4 students studying their BA in Fashion at the Otago Polytechnic, we’ve created a platform for emerging creatives. Between the four, there is a wide range of tailored, draped and structured pieces, with a focus on quality and individualism. 

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"Photographer, Filmmaker & Designer"

Rob Burrowes is a one-man creative agency, a creative Swiss Army knife of sorts. Determined to help the vision of dreamers and doers all over the world. Freelancing to help brands, organisations and collaborators through creative direction and visual media production.
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Ko Ngāi Tahu te iwi, ko Jess tōna ingoa. 
Jess makes SICK ceramics - not just because they're cool as fuck, but because they are the product of Jess living with poor mental and physical health, and feelings of disconnectedness.
She makes pieces by hand that are one-of-a-kind and (sometimes suprisingly) comfortable to use. While most of her work is functional, she also embraces ceramics as an art form - creating meaningful pieces that reflect how she does, or doesn't fit into the world around her.
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 is a Pōneke based slow fashion brand which draws inspiration from anthropology and botanicals, forever looking to capture beauty and stories within textiles. All garments are handmade by Taylor Pumphrey, with the knitwear being hand-knitted by her mother, Sarah. Taylor hopes that her work encourages a desire to understand a wider perspective of garments, to be appreciated for their entirety from concept to creation.
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It is contemporary pop culture oriented menswear and womenswear featuring iconic imagery that is simultaneously pervasive and relatable. With each collection an accompanying series of artworks and objects is created to curate an environment that further personalises the garments. This union proposes an ever-changing creative realm between and beyond irony and sincerity, naivety and knowingness, optimism and doubt in the pursuit of uncanny and elusive horizons.
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Francesca (aka Fran aka Boujie Baby) 

is a freelance portrait painter. She spent her last 4 and a half years in Te Whanganui-a-Tara where she studied Fine Arts at Massey and where her practice of painting flourished. Francesca’s practice captures the awkward, hidden beauty in moments of everyday life through portraiture. Francesca exhibited her work in a group show ‘No Road Home’ last year and is currently planning a solo show next year. Forever inspired by artists Jacquelline Fahey and Triston Piggot, Francesca is continuing to work as a freelance artist currently open to commissions.
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